Oak Flour

Oak Flour is the most potent flavoring product available. Compromised of finely ground oak pieces.

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Product Description

  • OakPLUS Flour is our most potent flavoring product available and is comprised of finely ground oak pieces about the size of ground wheat.
  • The total surface area per unit of measure is significantly greater than regular sized chip products.
  • The larger surface area means OakPLUS Flour is highly extractable, releasing volumes of oak flavor in short periods of time.
  • It assists in masking vegetal overtones without imparting obvious oak character.
  • This product binds color and enhances texture leading to bigger mouth feel with a touch of non-aggressive tannin.
  • The oak flavor is indiscernible, but the backbone of oak tannin and structure is present making the future of the wine bigger and fuller.
  • Wineries that regularly add tannin during fermentation will use OakPLUS in its place and get four benefits from the addition; oak flavor, toast, tannin and color retention.
  • OakPLUS Flour can be added directly into the grape-receiving hopper or poured into the top of a fermenter before or during fermentation.
  • We suggest using this product primarily during fermentation for lowering vegetative characters and increasing wine texture as stated above.
  • The oak flavor and toast adds interest to the wine and the tannin coupled with the toasted oak helps bind phenols and retain color.
  • OakPLUS Flour should be the product of choice for wines that need added tannin or color stability. Its small particle size makes for easy processing and removal.
  • Due to its small particle size, oak flavors are quickly and easily extracted, therefore addition rates will be lower than other chips products. Oak extraction: 2-5 days.

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Standard toast level: Mixture of medium & medium plus

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