Siligel S is a stabilizer containing silica gel with controlled humidity.

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Product Description

  • Siligel S Stabilizer based on silica gel.
  • Siligel S is a stabilizer containing silica gel with controlled humidity, which adsorbs the colloidal trub without hindering the filtration process.
  • Thanks to its particular formulation granting a high activity and satisfactory performances, the overall stabilization quality is improved if compared with a traditional hydrogel.Siligel S selectively adsorbs proteins and preserves the right level of nitrogen, in relation to the raw materials utilized and the production system.
  • The special formulation has a selective action in protein adsorption, interacts with thermo-label proteins and keeps intact the protein molecules with medium-high molecular weight, useful for foam formation and retention.
  • Siligel S is organoleptically inert and does not alter beer qualities and the most appreciated beer sensorial characteristics.
  • The doses of application vary between 10 and 50 g/hL and depend on the conditions of the mass to be treated. The addition of the special stabilizer may be effected in tank, with very long contact times varying between 15 minutes and 6-24 hours, the product is then removed by filtration.
  • The treatment with Siligel S may also be carried out during filtration, where the preparation is mixed with the filter aid in the filter doser.
  • Siligel S is a product which in time lends to lose a part of its content in crystallization water.
  • In order to keep the humidity level unaltered, it is advisable to keep Siligel S away from warm and very dry places.