Endozym Alphamyl SB1


Bacterial alpha-amylase enzyme.

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Product Description

About Endozym Alphamyl

SB1 Bacterial alpha-amylase enzyme.Endozym Alphamyl SB1 is an innovative enzymatic preparation made up by AEB, acting at higher temperatures than those normal allowed for other bacterial amylases.Extracted and purified from heat-resistant Bacillus Licheniformis species, the active principle contained in Endozym Alphamyl SB1 quickly reduces the viscosity of the cereal mash and promotes the extraction of a more concentrated wort, increasing yield during the mashing-in stage.

  • The treatment with this enzyme grants an activity of 350 AHTU/g, reference value ideal to induce the most suitable processing conditions to enable an excellent quality production.
  • The treatment with Endozym Alphamyl SB1 is carried out in the brewhouse during mashing in order to facilitate the hydrolysis of starch and its prompt transformation into fermentable maltose, glucose and soluble dextrins.
  • This agent is successfully used for treating mashes containing unmalted cereals, before the boiling stage and before they are added to the malt-containing mash.
  • The optimal utilization conditions of Endozym Alphamyl SB1 are at pH between 4,5 and 5,8.
  • The highest activity effectiveness is at high temperatures, between 80 and 90°C.The dosage of Endozym Alphamyl SB1 is between 10 and 30 mL/100 kg of raw grains.
  • The product is added to the mash water and is then thoroughly mixed to facilitate its action.
  • The completion of the enzymatic action of Endozym Alphamyl SB1 is clearly indicated by the disappearance of the iodine reaction.
  • The ensuing boiling of the wort totally inactivates the enzyme.

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