Endozym Brewmix Plus


Enzymatic activities for aroma realease derived from Aspergillus niger to enhance the aromatic expression of white red and rose’ wines

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Product Description

About Endozym Brewmix Plus

formulated by AEB as a blend of neutral protease, thermostable alpha amylase and a range of B- glucanases. The different GMO free activities are produced by separate fermentations of selected Bacillus subtilis and Aspergillus niger strains.

Endozym Brewmix Plus contains complementary secondary activities with high concentration of cellulase, pentosanase and arabanase improving consequently the filtration rates. Alpha-amylase permit the degradation of amylopectin and amylose (alpha-1,4 linkage) to soluble maltodextrines and oligosaccharides and reduce the must viscosity. The activity of alpha-amylase is an endo-amylase. Neutral protease is an endo-protease degrading proteins to solube peptides.

COMPOSITION AND TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Blend of neutral protese, thermo-stabilized alpha-amylase and beta-glucanase.

DOSAGE 300-900 g/tons of malt.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE The product is added in the brewhouse during the mashing.

STORAGE AND PACKAGING Store at < 20°C up to 12 months.

0,25 kg net bottles in cartons containing 1 kg.

1 kg net bottles in cartons containing 4 kg.

25 kg net drums.

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1kg, 250kg, 25kg

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