Concentrated liquid pectinase enzyme, characterized by its high pectinlyase (PL) content

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Product Description

Ideal for:Settling white juice, prepare juices destined for flotation


· Rapid clarification of white juices

· Improved yield

Endozym Micro is a concentrated liquid pectinase enzyme, characterized by its high pectinlyase (PL) content of 16,800 PL units per gram. It promotes the hydrolysis of the pectins and the separation of juice from the pomace, resulting in an increase of free-run juice yield. This enzymatic suspension also speeds up clarification, resulting in more compact lees. As a result of a cleaner must, the wine will be more protein stable and easier to filter.

Utilization: Dilute directly in 20-30 parts of non sulfurized must or in demineralized water and add to must or directly onto the grapes. The activity of Endozym Micro is reduced by lower temperatures, the product can be added directly into the crushed grape line thus allowing for good contact time with must before refrigeration. Precaution needs to be taken in order to avoid the enzyme coming into contact with high dosage levels of SO2 or bentonite.

Dosage: 2-6 ml per ton. The dosages vary according to the grapes to be treated or the vinification technology applied. Treatments at low temperature and musts with a high percentage of pectins and suspended solids require the higher end of the dosage range. Also, pH’s lower than 3.2 require higher dosages.

Shelf life and storage: Endozym Micro should be stored at temperatures lower than 10°C/50°F for a period not longer than 24 months.

Packaging: 10 Kg

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