Fermocel SB is a fermentation regulator and activator for brewing applications

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Product Description

About Fermocel SB Yeast nutrient.

  • Fermocel SB is a specific nutrient for yeasts used for beer processing, ideal for providing the indispensable mineral elements and vitamins needed for yeast development and growth. The complex and balanced formulation of Fermocel SB gives the best support to optimize the fermentative process, reducing fermentation times and granting an optimal run.
  • The balance among the different components useful for the selected microflora grant the management of the total production cycle.
  • The cellulose contained in Fermocel SB facilitates the equal distribution of the yeast throughout the mass, while nitrogen molecules synergically acting with Vitamin B1 strengthen the positive contribution of substances useful for the correct microbial metabolism, enhancing its activity.
  • The formation of diacetyl is thus reduced thanks to the improvement of the fermentative conditions and the characteristics of genuineness of the final product are preserved.Fermocel SB well combines with beer purity and genuineness, as its soluble components are completely metabolized by the yeast.
  • This AEB preparation does not affect foam or head retention.
  • The doses of application vary between 25 to 100 g/hL of wort, depending on working conditions. Prepare a suspension in 10 parts of sterile water and add it immediately after pitching.
  • Fermocel SB regulates the fermentative run and enables to improve the yield of yeasts used for beer production. Thanks to the utilization of this agent, all potentialities of the raw material can be expressed and risks of anomalies are eliminated, which may derive from a fermentation carried out without fundamental nutritive principles.


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