Antioxin SB


Antioxin SB is a powerful antioxidant that minimises or completely eliminates oxygen from beer, including bottleneck oxygen. Thanks to the optimised formula of its main active ingredients, Antioxin SB ensures the elimination of oxygen while protecting beer from oxidatio

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Product Description

ANTIOXIN SB – Beer antioxidizing agent
  • Beer antioxidant.
  • Antioxin SB is a stabilizer specifically created by AEB for the process treatment in beer production.
  • Many experimental trials and production evidences show that this complex agent carries out a powerful antioxidizing action, that completely eliminates oxygen from beer, including bottleneck oxygen.
  • Antioxin SB protects beer from oxidation for prolonged periods, maintains the distinguishing original organoleptic properties and the aromatic qualities, original freshness and soft color.
  • All the effected trials showed that Antioxin SB maintains beer stability for a period four times longer than with traditional antioxidant products.
  • The proved stoichiometric relationships which regulate the role of active principles present in Antioxin SB are the base of the total effectiveness of a preparation, expressing the highest defense potential from instability risks.
  • The potassium metabisulphite contained in Antioxin SB and its combinations with ascorbic acid, components integrating the preparation, carry out a total control action towards beer stability, without altering at all the organoleptic properties of the finished product.
  • Strict controls on raw materials used for producing this agent and quality tests are guarantee of the yield constancy of the preparation.
  • Antioxin SB is used in doses between 2 and 4 g/hL. These concentrations react with 0,5-1 ppm of dissolved oxygen, equivalent to about 0,6-1,2 mL of air per 33 cL bottle.
  • Every gram of Antioxin SB increases the SO2 by 0,25 mg/L.
  • This specific agent is immediately soluble in beer and is completely odorless. Beer can consequently be bottled and released to the trade immediately after its addition.

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