Isobaric Filling - Barida ISO 4/4/1C-A - Medium Production


Up to 400 bottles/hour

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Product Description

ISO 4/4/1C-A – Rinsing, isobaric filling and crown caps application


  • Rinsing the bottles
  • Isobaric filling
  • Crown caps application

Production: Up to 400 bottles/hour

Notes: Automatic machine for rinsing, filling and applying crown caps on glass bottles for sparkling products

The ISO 4/4 / 1C-A automatic triblock is suitable for filling sparkling liquids and closing any glass bottle size.

Completely covered in stainless steel, the machine is composed of three main work stations:

  • A washing tower complete with four groups for the rinsing operation of the bottles
  • A turret equipped with four faucets with an anti-foam filling system that guarantees the maximum fluidity of the product that is evenly distributed on the walls of the bottle
  • A capping unit for the application of crown caps.

The operator can control and adjust the different processing phases and the filling, evacuation and unlashing times directly from the panel.

The compactness of the solution, the very high levels of efficiency and the maximum flexibility in the management of the work cycle make this the ideal solution for medium-small brewing production and for those who want to limit the number of operators on a single line. ‘bottling.

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